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The Story of Emperor's Struggle for Power-Sima Lin (7th Dec 22 at 6:06am UTC)
The Story of Emperor's Struggle for Power-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise
Cao Ting frowned and said, "What's your hurry?"? If you finally die, even if you listen to my words earlier, and wait. How is it? He began to shift the target, to Chu Nangong Luo up, noisy for a long time, Chu Nangong was very angry, suddenly asked Lang Sheng. Laughing, the sound shook four mountains, interrupted the other side's nagging. Cao Ting waited for his laughter to stop and nagged, "What are you laughing at?"? What's so funny? "I laugh at you," said Chu Nangong. "You're nicknamed Mr. Entangled Clip. You're really a person who can't get it right. Chu was angry. But I'm not angry at this moment! Cao Ting laughed and said, "That's my temper. I can't get rid of it." He glanced at the crowd and then said, "You must want to know why Cao didn't kill you since he caught you." So! Qi Beihai could not help scolding: "Nonsense, of course, all want to know!" " Cao Ting stopped nagging him this time and went on to say, "Cao told you one thing first, that is, to hang your string." It's a special thing made by Cao Mou. It's very tough. With your hands, you may not be able to pull it off. He smiled with deep meaning and then said, "But wait a minute, or you will fall down and be crushed to pieces." It's not worth it! Ying Gu suddenly interrupted and said, "Cao Ting, your own life is also in our hands. Do you believe it?" She had never opened her mouth, and her words were as sharp as a sword, and everyone was moved by them. Cao Ting's face changed slightly. "You might as well tell me about it," he said. Ying Gu said coldly, "I'll tell you one thing first, that is, as long as you make a little backward gesture, your soul will return to the earth immediately." House! As she spoke, she raised her hand and pointed at him. Cao Ting really did not dare to retreat rashly, slowly glanced back, in addition to two masked men standing behind him looking for Zhang. Outside, there is no other figure. He turned around and said, "How dare you threaten me,sodium cyanide price, girl?" "Look where you're standing," said Ying Gu with a sneer. "Are you in the middle of fifteen of us?" Cao Ting nodded and said, "Not bad!" "At present," said Yinggu, "six or seven of the fifteen of us have already prepared their own secret weapons, as long as you have a little body shape. The sign of retreat will attract all kinds of hidden weapons. I guess with the skill of six or seven of us, we can attack you from three sides, although You only need to take three steps back to get out of the power range of our hidden weapons, but you are still sure to take your life! After Cao Ting glanced at the crowd in a twinkling of an eye, his face changed greatly. At this time, several people cheered together. Cao Ting gazed at the money between Ye Bao's fingers and said, "If you use a hidden weapon, even if you kill Cao, you won't." It's glorious! Ying Gu said with a sneer, "To deal with a first-class person like you, even if you win with one hand tied, it won't be glorious.." Twelve money Ye Bao also did not put away the money in his hand because of the other side's contemptuous words. He had been in Jianghu for a long time, had rich experience, coltan ore processing ,chrome washing machine, and knew Ying. Gu this, the purpose is only to calm the other side, in order to get away, so he must help her momentum, this is not a disgrace. Entangling clip Mr. Cao Ting when really move also dare not move, for fear of the other side several people, as long as there is a misunderstanding, send out the hidden weapon in the hand, its The rest of the people, must also follow out the hidden weapon, then must die! However, Ying Gu did not dare to make a mistake on this side, for fear that he would suddenly order his men to sweep all the people off the cliff. So Ying Gu kept a calm look and said slowly, "Since you know you can't escape from us, why don't you bend down?" Waist, pull us up? Cao Ting's face was pale and he was at a loss. Chu Nangong shouted loudly: … Hurry up and pull us up, do you hear? His voice was as loud as thunder and startled everyone. Entangling Mr. Cao Ting moved forward a little and suddenly stopped bending over. Qi Beihai gave a loud shout and startled the crowd again.
Cao Ting said in a deep voice, "Don't be in a hurry, and don't exert yourself. Try to lift your breath and lighten your body. Otherwise, the string will suddenly Broken, the crime is not on Cao Mou! "All you have to say is," said Yinggu coldly, "will you pull us up or not?" Cao Ting frowned and said, "It's not that Cao wouldn't do it. In fact, the strings that held you up have now become extremely withered." Crisp, just add a little strength, it will break into many pieces. Everybody listens to this word, although unknown true or false, but also can't help but be alarmed, all secretly lift gas light body. Cao Ting went on to say, "These strings are specially made by Cao. Before I took them just now, I had already applied a kind of medicine on them. Now the quality of the strings is good." Has changed, from extremely tough to extremely brittle, if I start to pull the bamboo pole, the person who was hung is bound to fall down! "Nonsense," said Ying Langgu coldly. "Do you think we're all young?" "Well, since you don't believe me, Cao will have to obey," said Mr. Yuting yuannai. But first of all, Ming, if Cao starts to pull the bamboo pole, so that someone falls down, the rest of the people are not allowed to plot against me.. "Of course," cried Ye Bao, "unless you've done something in secret!" "One more thing," said Mr. Cao Ting, "is that if some of them can get away safely, they can't report it to Cao. Fu! Otherwise, I will die anyway. Why don't I die with you? "That's quite reasonable," said Yan Feng. "I don't know what you think." No one else had any objection, so he agreed to Cao Ting's request. "Now who wants to be the first to come up?" Asked Mr. Tsao Ting. "Please tell me." Answer his words is a silence, who do not want to be the first to risk, although hanging on the bamboo is also very dangerous, but now. Still able to lift the breath and lighten the body, dragging for a while. Entangling Mr. Cao Ting waited for a moment, but when he saw that no one answered, he immediately waved to the back. Two masked men came to him and waited for his orders. Cao Ting asked,Carbon in Pulp, "Are there any bamboo poles over there?" He raised his hand and pointed to the left. Most of the people's eyes followed his finger, and all of them felt that the work was reasonable, and they only needed to take a bamboo pole. One by one to pull up on the cliff.
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