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Night Rose (6th Dec 22 at 12:26am UTC)
Night Rose
In the past, when my senior sister was singing "Flowers and Shadows Snuggle Together," I always listened intently, so the dance steps at my feet would Messy. No wonder I can't remember the dance steps of the "flower and shadow" dance. I finally remembered. Step back with your right foot, put your left foot next to your right foot, and gently sweep the right foot forward. This is "the shadow of the flower clinging to each other." It's also a step at the time. I still remember that, because the movements of my feet were opposite to those of my senior sister, my senior sister used her left foot to sweep forward gently. Pass. She sweeps her left foot very gracefully, as if she would not raise the sand on the ground at all. I finally put together the memory puzzle of "Night Rose". Yes, I must have buried this picture in the sea of my heart, very deep. Over time, the sediment on the surface of the water began to settle, completely covering the map. Suddenly there was a storm on the sea, and the sand at the bottom was rolled, revealing a corner of the picture. Then the wind and waves get bigger and bigger, and all the sand covering the map is rolled up, so the whole map looks like again. Appeared. But who caused the storm? It must be Ye Meigui. When I met her for the first time, she said she could also be called "Night Rose," and the sea began to blow. Thus exposing a corner of the figure. Then Ye Meigui's eyes, voice and movements,MBR reactor, and so on, increased the intensity of the storm, and finally swept away. All the sediment that covers the map. So the senior sister's eyes, her soft voice, the brown mole on her white face, and the senior sister's singing night. I remember every song of the rose and every dance step of the night rose. The traffic lights on the road are constantly exchanging red and green, just as I am now constantly exchanging "the past." Same as "now". I've been standing by the side of the road,wall penstocks, but I feel like I'm standing on the seawall, and the memory is like an oncoming tsunami. I'm completely engulfed. In fact, my memories in the square were only until the last time I saw my senior sister. Night Rose is not only my senior sister's last dance in "the last dance", but also my last dance in the square. Yes, the last dance. From then on, I stopped going to the square. Because I believe that there is no senior sister in the square, just like a circle without a center, there is no way to form a complete circle. Circle. Within two or three years after my senior sister left, even a simple breath can easily remind me of my senior sister. I still remember that every night before I go to bed, I must say to myself, "I like the night rose." I tried very hard to write down the voice and tone of voice when I said this sentence, because my senior sister said, In the future, if one day, lamella tube ,disc air diffuser, When we meet again, you must say it again. I also try to talk more, to myself and to others. But I am a quiet person, and I don't talk much. But my senior sister asked me to talk more, so I said more. Later, I started to raise dogs, and I also talked to dogs. Over time, I found that I was covered with a lot of colors. But just like taking a color picture of a panda, the panda itself is still black and white. Only the background changes to color. Even if it's a color photo, I'm still a black and white panda. "Xiao Ke!" My right hand was shaken a few times, and I woke up feeling wet all over. That's because I've just been pulled up from the torrent of memories. "Why are you standing on the road in a daze?" The floodway patted me on the shoulder and said, "Go back to work." "Oh." I answered vaguely. Then he followed the spillway and walked slowly back to the company. What the hell are you two doing? Don't you know it's time to go to work? When the boss saw us, he said angrily, "If you don't want to do it, just give me your resignation.". And you, Xiao Ke. The boss pointed at me, "How many times have I told you to clean up your desk?" Then, in a huff, he turned and went into his office. Only then did I come to my senses. We work overtime every day, and we don't pay overtime. It's only a short time since I arrived late, but I'm so fussy about it. After the boss left, the spillway told me. "Talk to the boss." "Talk about what?" "If you don't pay overtime, you shouldn't blame us for being late." "You're right." The floodway stood up and said excitedly, "I'll talk to him!" "Hello!" I hastened to say, "I'm kidding.".
」 But the floodway resolutely walked into the boss's office with its head held high. After a while, the floodway walked out of the boss's office and said, "I'm done." "What did the boss say?" "He said I was right." "Really?" I wondered, "So?" So we will stay for the meeting tonight. It starts at eight o'clock. "What?" I told the boss that because we were late in the afternoon, if we didn't stay for the meeting in the evening, our Conscience will be troubled. "Hello!" This bastard, I want to go home and have dinner with Ye Meigui tonight. I sit at my desk and try to settle down to work. But it was really difficult, because my senior sister, Ye Meigui and Night Rose kept coming to me. The scene in my mind is constantly changing between the living room and the square. The memory puzzle of "Night Rose" has been completely put together, and I can see the whole picture clearly, but just like The last time I saw my senior sister, she asked me, "What do you think the Night Rose is?" Apart from a song, a dance, or a person (whether senior sister or Ye Meigui), Night Rose What else can it mean? I just sat at my desk and thought about it, and I don't know how long it took. "Hello." I seem to hear Ye Meigui's voice. Finished, I must be confused, my ears can actually hear her voice in the company? Is it not only that "if there is a night rose in the heart, there will naturally be a night rose in the eyes", but also that "there is a leaf in the heart"? Mei Gui,filter nozzle, you will naturally have Ye Mei Gui in your ears? "Hello!" I couldn't help looking back, and Ye Meigui was standing behind me. "Huh?" I stood up and said, "How did you get out of my heart?" 。
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