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My contract ghost husband. (6th Dec 22 at 12:26am UTC)
My contract ghost husband.
But, clearly here, ah, how can there be no? I reached out my hand, again and again in the place I sensed, but. No! There's really nothing! There was only a faint coldness. I don't know why. Touching this coldness, my tears fell down again, and my heart also hurt. What the hell.. What is.. I frowned, crying, looking at the nothingness in front of them, they are clearly floating in midair, but why, I can not see, touch? Suddenly there was a shining powder in front of him, sprinkling down. I closed my eyes subconsciously and covered them with my hands. Idiot, that's phosphorescent powder. Overhead, a beautiful man's voice came. I was slightly stunned, put down my hand, raised my eyes, and saw the silver mask man in the moonlight. Although he only showed half of his face, he could see that he was a handsome man. Dressed in a purple robe, he was blown up by the cool breeze. His thin lips slightly raised a coquettish arc and smiled at me on the top of the wall. "Don't look at me, look in front of you." As he pointed, I slowly withdrew my eyes and looked in front of me. I was surprised to find that: In front, more than a group of luminous objects! Although,rapid sand filters, the shape is a little strange, like. A ball, a ball.. I don't know how to describe it. My mind is blank. But I can already see them. It was a beautiful thing with a soft light, and when I saw them, my heart seemed to be inspired by something and suddenly became happy. The corners of his mouth were raised, his eyes raised, and he looked at him gratefully. "Who are you?"? Me, me, my name is stupid? "Why are you crying again, you fool?" He frowned,Lamella Plate Settler, dropped a white veil, and when he floated down, I reached out my hand to catch it, and he jumped lightly from the top of the wall. In my surprise, Pianpian fell to the ground. I'm your best friend, asshole, and.. Your dog-headed consigliere. Then, out of nowhere, he conjured up a big box and put the glowing mass in it! The big box is transparent, and the thing is in it, which is very beautiful! "Why don't you wipe away your tears and wait to be seen by human beings and shout to hell? You don't have a long memory!" He scolded me, in a familiar tone, indeed. He does look like my friend. Mmm. I gawked at my asshole friend. But I feel like an asshole. The name seems a little strange. I always feel that it is not a good word. Smiling, he explained to me, "It's a light soul. It seems that you, a fool, have forgotten again." I frowned at him. "Again?" Does this man know who I am? And help me. I have some in my heart. Inexplicably want to rely on, disc air diffuser ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, but. Dare not rely on. And he handed me the box and said, "Hold it!" "Well." I looked at that group of white light, feel at ease, he said with a faint smile: "Forget it, you this guy, do not blame you, who let you have some problems in the head, always forget things." "General?" "Yes, I have to introduce you once a day." He shook his head helplessly. "Then I'll say it again." "I am the soul of the soul, indifferent light, soul light." "Remember it this time and don't forget it again." When he finished, he looked at me with full eyes, but I bit my lip and frowned. "What is the soul?" "Indifference.." What is it? He seemed very speechless. He raised his hand to his forehead and said helplessly, "Forget it. I don't mind teaching you from the beginning. Anyway, our time is still long." Life Soul: Human Chapter 172 New Year's Birthday On our way home, the soul told me a lot of questions patiently, and then I knew. Gu Shenglan turned out to be my doctor, and the woman who left was my sister. This book updates the Baidu search machine synchronously. My sister and I are orphan girls adopted by Gu Shenglan. It's just that she's a very powerful Taoist. So did I, but I.. Something went wrong, and now it's like this.
The soul took out a mirror, and I looked at my face in the mirror. Sure enough, she looks exactly like that woman! Even the red mark between the eyebrows is the same! But why did she treat me so coldly at that time? And called me a stupid, pathetic thing. Stupid and pathetic. Just because.. Is there something wrong with my brain. In fact, I also feel very sad, feel sorry for Gu Shenglan, I hit him, as a doctor, he will continue to reach out to me in pain. At the moment, I feel so guilty, especially. Soul light said, Gu Shenglan is often accidentally injured by me, just because I have a terrible thing in my body, have the ability to protect themselves. Once the mood is unstable, it will hurt others by mistake, so he asked me not to be so excited next time. Then you've been hurt by me by mistake. Holding the box in my arms, I suddenly felt very sad and worried, and the beautiful lips under the mask of the soul were slightly raised, "I am very powerful, don't worry." "Whew, that's good." I whispered, looking at his figure in the moonlight, very slender. His whole body was coated with a beautiful luster by the moonlight. I don't know if what he said is true or not, but I think I must have hurt him by mistake, but he refused to say it. Although I know I will hurt people, I still have a little hope. "Our friendship will last forever, won't it?" Instantly, his smile seemed to freeze, pointing to the fireworks all over the sky: "Wait for the Lantern Festival, I will take you to see the Lantern Festival." "Well?"? What is the Lantern Festival? My heart beat slowly, and he said, "The wishing lanterns all over the sky are very beautiful." He seemed to think of something, and the corners of his lips raised a smile I had never seen before. I don't know why, when I heard the word lantern, I felt for no reason-my heart was throbbing and depressed, my nose was a little sour, and he seemed to be aware of something,multi disc screw press, hands.. When he touched my arm, he trembled a little. Stupid. Are you? Are you all right? His hands were warm and seemed to give me great strength to smooth the beating of my heart. I shook my head. I didn't want him to worry. "It's all right," I said. 。
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