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Changshengjie (Jingxiao) (2nd Dec 22 at 2:04am UTC)
Changshengjie (Jingxiao)
Every inch of the land is white and there is no vegetation to speak of. The evil spirit permeated the bone land, and the deeper it went, the heavier it became. Finally, the hazy black fog appeared in the bone land, which made the sea of dead bones ghastly to the extreme. Forward for several miles, then gradually came to the huge stone tablet near, here Xiao Chen stopped the pace, not because of fear and stopped the pace, but because after arriving here, the black fog seemed to turn into a tangible quality, forming a whirlpool of energy in the bones, Xiao Chen threw a section of bones forward, torn to pieces in an instant! A mile away from the ancient stone tablet, the evil energy flow blocked their progress! Black clouds, like ghosts, surged ahead, and occasionally sent out a shrill whistle, like an evil ghost howling. The light of the souls of King Guang of Qin, King Yama, and King of Samsara all sparkled with uncertain light, and we could see that they seemed to be deeply disturbed. Roar.. There was a sharp roar that made people's scalp tingle, and a ferocious skeleton more than five meters high struggled in the black fog, and then collapsed in an instant. "" A woman with dishevelled hair, her upper body is seven or eight meters long,endless swim pool, covered with blue scales, struggling and wailing, and her lower body is actually a huge snake tail more than ten meters long! Although beautiful and beautiful, she looked a little ferocious at the moment, and as she screamed, all the blue scales on her body opened, permeated with scarlet blood, and then the whole body burst, leaving a large fog of blood in the air. Then,hot tub spa manufacturers, a 50-meter-long purple Tyrannosaurus, sent out a loud roar, churning in the surging black fog, swallowing and spitting out bursts of terrible light, almost tearing the void, when it was really earth-shaking, it had the state of swallowing the sun and the moon, but in the end it collapsed with a crash and turned into an endless rain of blood! "Everything is an illusion!" Xiao Chen closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, the terrible pictures really disappeared. In the rolling black fog, there is obviously an evil force. Maybe it's a reappearance of history! Xiao Chen did not dare to rush forward, after all, the terrible black whirlpool is true, can crush the skeleton, I am afraid his body can not bear. The name of this island is Dragon Island. In the flood and famine era of ancient times, the tablet of God from heaven was sealed forever! All the dragons who can fight against the gods have lost their magic power forever and are imprisoned on this desert island. A true words echoed in Xiao Chen's heart, and he knew that the 100-meter-high ancient monument in front of him should be the terrible monument that sealed the Dragon Island! Separated by more than a mile, 5 person hot tub ,jacuzzi bath spa, simply can not see the true appearance of the ancient tablet, a strip of magic clouds in the wind around, can only see a towering tall tablet shadow. This makes Xiao Chen feel very sorry! Ever since he learned that Dragon Island had been sealed by a sacred tablet, he had always had a bold association in his mind. Heavenly Stele, Yongzhen Yellow River.. And here is the Heavenly Stele, Yongzhen Dragon Island! Could there be a connection? The two ancient tablets are not homologous, are they? Xiao Chen has an urgent desire in his heart to see the true appearance of the ancient tablet and see if its back is also engraved with an ancient gas refining map! However, the black fog cut off all this, he could not pass through. In this black and foggy area, the three skeletons seemed to be greatly affected. They stood motionless in the same place, while Ke seemed to be very interested in it. He climbed to a huge skeleton more than ten meters high and watched the ancient stone tablet in front of him. Xiao Chen stood in place for a long time, then moved his feet and began to observe around here. He found that the area with a radius of one mile centered on the ancient tablet was a forbidden zone of life, which could not be penetrated at all.
A giant bone several meters long, thrown ten meters away, will melt quickly like a snowflake in the sun! Destructive power, people can only stop! When Xiao Chen turned to the west side of the huge ancient monument, his hair suddenly stood up, and he felt the danger! In a flash, he suddenly found a figure like a fossil, standing in the black fog of the forbidden zone of life, very close to him, is not an illusion! Chapter 063 space spirit. A figure like a stone statue! A blue light swept in from the black fog, and Xiao Chen flew out in an instant, evading a dangerous blow. The muscles of his whole body were tight, the tips of his fingers were full of energy, and his palms were almost transparent against the brilliant light. He was ready to fight. The black fog surges, that like the fossil figure, slowly turned the body, originally seemed lifeless body, at the moment gradually reveals the fluctuation of life. This is a young man in his twenties, tall and tall, seems to see little sunshine, his face is a little pale, there is a sense of illness. Who are you Xiao Chen asked. And who are you? The morbid youth asked in reply. Xiao Chen calmed down. This tall, somewhat morbid young man, who must be a human being, was mostly practicing just now, and the special way of practicing slowed down the fluctuation of his life, which led to the loss of life. Xiao Chen! Xiao Chen gave his name and then looked at the morbid young man in front of him and said, "Why are you attacking me?" Xiao Chen has seen from the other side's dress that he should also be a strong young man trapped in the Dragon Island. But before he came to the center of the island, the other side seems to have chosen to practice here to improve their own cultivation. Hum "morbid youth cold hum, as light as a ghost floating out of the black fog, the whole body suddenly sent out a blue light.". In a flash, Xiao Chen has a spinning feeling, feeling the chaos of time and space in general! But Xiao Chen has already been ready to fight, the mind is not chaotic, such as the eagle prancing above the abyss, although in danger, but the body is quickly balanced down. In front of the scene has changed greatly, Xiao Chen found into an unknown space, surrounded by misty blue light, like a chaotic world in general. This is a strange space of more than 100 square meters, without blue sky and white clouds, without the earth behind,best whirlpool tub, surrounded by hazy brilliance, so is the foot, shining blue.
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